Before visiting our website www.zivagocare.com, we want to inform you that our company, Zivago Life Care (P) Limited is not involved in any kind of financial investment or chit fund business.

Zivago Life Care (P) Limited does not charge any amount of money for enrolment or registration on our website to get your login id. People can do registration also can become a partner with us without paying any charges through the website.

It is also being stated that our company is involved in product selling through only our website and authorized partners. Any other way of product selling is not there with us.

We are doing business in the market by marketing our products and services in various ways like word of mouth publicity, banners, social media & digital marketing, video publishing.

Our product price is listed on the website in 2 ways, one is MRP and one is a DISCOUNTED PRICE. We’re selling our products at a discounted price. Price can be changed as well as per market behavior. Also, we’re declaring it that we are not giving any extra benefit in shopping to customers except our offer on the website. Every sale and discount is given according to the display on website. Also, we’re not giving assurance to our partners and direct sellers for any extra benefit on the product sale. We may give him any benefit upon the basis of total business volume and it’ll be decided by the company to give the benefit to any customer, partner or direct seller. Our company follows all the guidelines of Govt. of India for product selling.

All the content and information on the website are general information about the company and its products. Zivago Life Care (P) Limited will not be liable for any false information or commitment made by direct sellers or partners.

Zivago Life Care (P) Limited will not be liable for any loss or damage in the situation of data loss, cyber-attacks. Any profit sharing loss connected to the website will not be liable on Zivago Life Care (P) Limited in any situation. We’re not liable to pay or return any financial to anyone if such things happen. If someone from outside has done any cheating on the name of company then Zivago Life Care (P) Limited will not be liable to pay for that. There are many services and functionalities are connected third party and other websites as well so in the situation of any failure from or third party websites and tools, Zivago Life Care (P) Limited will not be liable or responsible for that.

We’ll regularly give our efforts to make the website up to date and make it functional. Although we’re trying our best, if anything fails or goes offline due to some technical reason or in any other situation, we’ll not be responsible for it.