It is important that you read the Zivagocare Code of Ethics (the “Code”) and the Rules of Conduct (the “Rules”) below, as they form an integral part of the terms of the consultant application form.

An Zivagocare consultant must comply with the Code and Rules and any amendments to them that have been published in the newsletter or otherwise communicated to the Zivagocare consultant.

Zivagocare reserves the right to terminate at any time, and with immediate effect, the membership of any Zivagocare consultant who has provided false information on the consultant application form or who is violating the Code or the Rules. Terminated Zivagocare consultants lose all rights and privileges that accompany the membership, including their network. The Code and the Rules are there for your protection, to ensure that all fellow Zivagocare consultants maintain the same high standards. In line with Zivagocare ethical standards, the Zivagocare consultants are expected to, and shall comply with any and all legal requirements of the country where they operate their Zivagocare business even if certain obligations are not restated in the Code or the Rules.

As an Zivagocare Consultant, I agree to conduct my Zivagocare business according to the following principles:

  1. I will uphold and follow the Rules as laid out in this official Zivagocare Policy Manual and other Zivagocare literature. I will observe not only “the letter” but also “the spirit” of the Rules.
  2. My guiding principle for doing business with anyone I meet in my capacity as an Zivagocare Consultant is to treat them as fairly as I would like to be treated myself.
  3. I will present the Zivagocare Products, the Zivagocare business opportunities, the related trainings and the other opportunities and benefits offered by Zivagocare to my customers and Consultants in an honest and truthful manner. Whether verbal or in writing, I will make only such claims related to the product, the earnings and the other opportunities that are mentioned in the official Zivagocare literature.
  4. I will be courteous and prompt in servicing and taking orders from my customers, as well as in the handling of complaints.
  5. I will follow the procedures outlined in the official Zivagocare literature for replacement of products.
  6. I will accept and carry out the different prescribed responsibilities of an Zivagocare Consultant (and those of a Sponsor and Director and above when I progress to those levels of responsibility as laid out in the official Zivagocare Literature.
  7. I will conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standards of integrity, honesty and responsibility.
  8. I shall not in any circumstances use the Zivagocare network for marketing products other than those approved by Zivagocare.
  9. I shall respect the direct-to consumer method of distribution and therefore not sell through any retail outlets of any nature.
  10. I will respect the laws and regulations of the country where I conduct my Zivagocare business and of my host countries if building an international group.
  11. To regularly create and promote sale of Zivagocare products.
  12. To sell and deliver products to ultimate consumers only. Consultant recognizes the importance of providing the best possible service to customers. It is understood that Zivagocare is a direct to Consumer Company whose marketing plans and success are based upon Consultant personally selling Zivagocare products directly to consumers. For these reasons, Consultant agree to present and sell Zivagocare products using directto-consumers methods only and not in any other manner whatsoever.
  13. Consultant agree to present and sell Zivagocare products using direct-to-consumers methods only and not to sell to, sell in, demonstrate or display Zivagocare products in any retail outlet of any nature including any retail/ecommerce website, whether in India or abroad.
  14. Not to sell complimentary promotional material provided by Zivagocare.
  15. That all orders submitted are subject to acceptance by Zivagocare.
  16. The Consultant is not authorized to incur any debt or other obligation or commitment on behalf of Zivagocare.
  17. To accept and comply with Terms of Zivagocare Business Plan. It is understood that the Plan forms an integral part of this Agreement and may be revised from time to time.
  18. That every Consultant who is granted a trade discount under clause 17 below agrees and authorize Zivagocare to reallocate a portion of such discount to other consultants within the group according to the Business Plan and accordingly, and hereby further assigns all right title and interest in such discount to such other Consultant who may be so entitled
  19. Zivagocare shall timely give each consultant who qualifies (under Zivagocare rules set out in the Business Plan), a trade discount based only on the volume of purchases from Zivagocare in each month. It is clarified that Zivagocare does not compensate anybody for simply recruiting or for mere act of recruitment
  20. This discount will normally be calculated and accounted for in respect of purchases in a calendar month at the month end. However, Zivagocare may withhold the trade discount which is otherwise payable to any consultant if there is any outstanding in the group in respect of any period beyond the credit period or Zivagocare suspect that payment may not be received against the sales made during any period or for any other good reason at the sole discretion and judgement of Zivagocare and may additionally forfeit the same in appropriate cases at the sole discretion and judgement of Zivagocare.
  21. In the event that the sum due to a consultant is less than the limit specified by Zivagocare from time to time, the Consultant hereby irrevocably authorizes Zivagocare to apply or credit such sum towards any future purchase made by the Consultant.
  22. To be bound by the valuation of all transactions as set out in the documents issued by Zivagocare at each month end or otherwise.
  23. To settle all account with Zivagocare in a timely manner, failure to do so will incur additional charges. An annual interest of 24% will be charged from due date of the goods supplied remaining unpaid. Every Consultant agree and authorizes Zivagocare to write back amount in the account with Zivagocare after 10 months from the date of last purchase.
  24. To participate in the electronic clearance service (ECS) introduced by RBI and undertakes to inform immediately of any subsequent changes related to the bank details. The Consultant would not hold the Company responsible if the trade discount payment is delayed for the reasons beyond the control of Zivagocare.
  25. To furnish Permanent Account Number (PAN) immediately on receipt of request from Zivagocare & agree to accept a consolidated TDS certificate towards Tax deducted at source by Zivagocare for the period/year ending on 31st March (i.e. financial year). The consultant further agree & authorizes Zivagocare to debit its account with the TDS as per the Income Tax Act & deposit the same on behalf of the consultant and at a higher rate in case PAN is not provided.
  26. To explain and inform about the general conditions of Zivagocare to the Consultant introduced by him/her and shall ensure that the same has been understood by the Consultant introduced by her/ him.
  27. No Consultant shall use the Zivagocare network for marketing products or schemes which are not officially approved by Zivagocare.
  28. You expressly agree to receive commercial communications about Zivagocare products and offers by email and text message in registered email id and phone numbers.
  29. I confirm that I will personally update and inform all those who I introduce to Zivagocare business, about Zivagocare business activities, policies and